May 4, 2016

Scribe Master Pro

Have you heard of the Scribe Master Pro? No? Well, it's a crazy router jig that apparently makes perfect scribes of complex moldings and other shapes (router not included). Check out the overview video here (be prepared to kill the gets tough to take after the first few seconds).

It sounds like it has been overseas for a while and now they're bringin their party over here to the states. I could see this thing being pretty valuable on a jobsite. Like on those days where you have to run what feels like miles of baseboard. Just set it up and machine out all the scribes that you need. Coping with a jigsaw isn't too hard to do, but this just looks real easy and consistent.

At $400, it's by no means a casual purchase, but it looks like it could certainly be a useful one.

There are more videos at

Full press release after the jump...

At Amazon

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April 6, 2016

Morons and Excavators...

...a troubling combination...

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April 5, 2016

PR Diamond


There are cutting tools and there are cutting tools. PR Diamond deals with the italicized version, which basically means anything that can chew through 10-inches of concrete. The majority of their gear is diamond-oriented, whether it's a diamond saw blade or a core bit. They have an online store and it looks like they sell tools from other manufacturers, but that the bits, blades, and accessories are their own.

In looking closer at their selection, it appears they've got some wood cutting blades in addition to all of their other specialty gear. It's really worth a few minutes to wander around their site for a bit to see what they have (like asphalt core bits and granite saw blades). Also check out the diamond chainsaws, just so you can sit and image the amount of havoc you could wreak.

One thing that's cool and worth noting is that they give their blades a 1-year warranty from factory defects. This is especially nice considering that gear of this nature doesn't come cheap.

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April 1, 2016

Klein to Release Line of Craft Beers


Klein, a company known for high quality wrenches and pliers (among many, many other items) has recently announced that it will be releasing four craft beers and a limited edition moonshine. The beers are intended to celebrate Klein's heritage and they all look like winners.

The new drinkables are:

Lineman "Pliers"ner
Tradesman Pro Bock
Insulated Pale Ale (IPA)
Screwdriver Stout
Mathias Moonshine

It's tough to pick a favorite, but we'd probably reach for the Insulated Pale Ale or the Screwdriver Stout most often.

More info on the new boozy releases is at Klein.

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March 22, 2016

Ridgid 12V Palm Impact Screwdriver Kit


What do you get when you cross an impact driver, a palm nailer, and a right angle drill? Now remove the trigger and add a 12-volt battery and you've got Ridgid's new 12-Volt Palm Impact Screwdriver. It's a funny little hybrid, but it looks like it could be a successful one.

For something that's about the size of a Nintendo controller, this little guy has a whole lot going for it. it's got an LED (activated by a small button), and on-board battery life indicator, and a 1/4-inch hex chuck (standard on impacts). The forward/reverse toggle is up at the top of the tool and it has a third "locked" setting.

Now why would you need this lock setting, you ask? Well, because there's no activation trigger on the thing. It appears that once a bit is in the chuck and it gets pressed against a screw head the tool kicks on, just like a palm nailer. This is nice for repetitive work as well as "I'm spending the day in this nasty crawl space and everything I do seems to be at full arm's reach" work.

And as with most Ridgid tools, it looks like they've done nice work on the ergonomics. The back of the tool, where the palm is going to rest is covered in their grey rubbery grippy texture that they commonly use for their handles.

It costs $100 and comes with one battery and a charger. This sounds about right to me. A solid little periphery tool for a solid little periphery tool price.

at Home Depot

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March 8, 2016

Police: Man tried to take down building with an excavator


This guy? Break the law? Get outta here. Sorry, I simply don't believe that.

"(Ingram) borrowed a friend's excavator, went to the building and started to knock it down," Ball said.

and then...

Ball said police do not know what Ingram's motive might have been.

I'm no Columbo, but I'd wager that relentless and enthusiastic drug use may have had something to do with it. And where the hell is his shirt?

The full story is here and it even has some pictures of his "work."

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March 3, 2016

Milwaukee Adjustable Wrenches


Milwaukee's new line of adjustable wrenches are due to hit stores sometime this month. I know you're thinking that the world has enough adjustable wrenches, and I basically agree with you on that point, but the Milwaukees look to be something a little special. I got to play around with a few samples during last year's media event and they've made a couple significant tweaks to the standard, old 3-for-$10 design.

First, they've created more of a connection between the knurled thumb turn and the body of the wrench. Now there are five threads that make the connection and not four like on other wrenches. This reduces any loosening of the jaw setting. Secondly, they've bumped up the ergonomics on the handle, even though it's an all-metal design. I remember standing there thinking, "man, this is one of the most comfortable wrenches I've ever held."

I haven't used one yet in any kind of real world setting, but given Milwaukee's general track record in the hand tool category, this is an exciting release. Not sure where they'll be sold, but Home Depot is a good bet.

There are going to be six wrenches available, ranging from a 6-inch all the way to a 15-inch. There will also be a 8-inch wide jaw model.

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February 22, 2016

The Thread Wizard


I've spent my fair share of afternoons trying to clean old gunked up bolts. I've used wire brushes and I've used small files (between the threads). One thing I haven't used is the Thread Wizard, mostly because I didn't know it existed until just a few days ago.

It's a simple little design and (judging from the video, at least) it looks pretty successful. It's basically a die with a wire brush set behind it. There are two models available (metric and SAE) and each is built to handle eight sizes of bolt. The design also allows for the tool to be held in the hand or clamped in a vise.

They cost $25 a piece, so if you want the set, it'll set you back $50. At first, I thought, "well, now THAT's expensive." But now that I'm thinking about it, the immediate ability to quickly clean up 16 different sized bolts is fairly significant. For the right person, I could see these things paying for themselves fairly quickly.

Here's the video:


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February 9, 2016

Sears Has a Big President's Day Sale for Military Only


Sears is celebrating President's Day by offering military personnel 40 percent (yeah, that's big!) off regular-priced tools. Or if the tool is already on sale, then it's an additional 10% off. The sale is in-store only and to be eligible you must be either active, reserve, or retired military. You'll also have to present a valid military ID.

The sale runs from Feb 11th to Feb 15th.

So yes, this is good. Pass it on if you know someone who could take advantage of it.

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February 3, 2016

Handee Clamp Tool


Have you ever heard of the Handee clamp?


Well, me neither until yesterday. But after checking it out, I wish I'd had one for the past 15 or so years. It's a product from a small manufacturer and it's just getting off the ground, but man, does it look useful.

It's a tiny, long-reach clamp perfect for all kinds of tight space work. It looks like it's basically two small pieces of flattened, round metal stock, one sleeved within the other. The inside one can be moved in and out of the larger one with a knurled thumb turn. This increases or decreases the small jawed clamp end. Really simple and smart idea.

It looks the most useful for the mechanical tinkerer who can't always jam their hands into the hidden depths surrounding the engine block. But as a parent, I'd be more inclined to use this thing as a "Lego Retrieval Tool." There is a video of it in use below, and it's one of those things that has you smacking your forehead thinking, "really, this doesn't already exist?"

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January 19, 2016

Klein's new clamp meters and multimeters


Klein, a company that doesn't seem to do much in the way of "sittin' still," has recently released a new line-up of clamp meters and multimeters. These ten new tools (six clamp meters and four multimeters) range in capability and brawn. Only a few of them have Klein's Tough Meter designation, which comes down to a higher drop rating and a greater resistance to good old H20.

The new clamp meters (models CL110, CL210, CL310, CL600, CL700, CL800) and multimeters (MM300, MM400, MM600, MM700) are all packed to the gills with features and capabilities. There are differences though (of course, why would there be so many models if there weren't?). It would take me about three weeks to list everything here, so the links above go to a .pdf of a brochure that explains the differences in wonderful chart format. If you're into it, you can spend hours with them. Have at it.

Of the tools, the highlights are the CL600, CL700, CL800 and MM600, MM700. These are the Tough Meters. You're probably not going to drag them behind a truck, but with a fall rating of 6.5-feet, they should handle a tip off a step ladder, which is always helpful, especially when you hand the tool over to "Dropsy McClumsy, the First-Time Apprentice." I've used some of their Tough Meters in the past, and they live up to their billing.

The multimeters range in price from about $25 to $100ish. The clamp meters fall from about $50 to around $140.

At Home Depot

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Ridgid STEALTH FORCE Brushless Cordless Pulse Driver


Recently Ridgid busted out of the gate with a new kind of impact driver, which, they tell us, is twice as fast as half as quiet as the impact that you already shelled out $200 for. As someone who spent years on construction sites, during the emergence of the impact driver, I can attest to the fact that "quiet" is good. The incessant rat-tat-tat-tat of five impacts simultaneously is enough to drive anyone bonkers. And that's not even talking about the damage that you're doing to your poor little eardrums (you really should be wearing ear protection, you know that, right?)

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December 14, 2015

DeWalt honors veterans and donates to the VFW


We just got word of this and thought it was worth a post.

During the Grand Opening of power tool manufacturing at DEWALT's facility in Greenfield, Indiana, on Veterans Day (November 11, 2015) officials took a moment to recognize the Veterans who work at the facility. DEWALT also donated 70 power tools, hand tools and accessories to the Greenfield VFW (image above) including some of the finest professional corded power tools made right in Greenfield. DEWALT is committed to hiring veterans and currently employs more than 1,500 former members of the military. The company has pledged to donate a minimum of $1.5 million over three years to the Wounded Warrior Project and to hire 300 U.S. military veterans over the same period.

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November 4, 2015

Paslode Cordless CF325XP Framing Nailer - Review


Paslode is in the process of upping their cordless framing gun with the new CF325XP Framing Nailer. Honestly, I really like their original CF325 and didn't even think it needed updating, but that's probably why I'm not in R&D for a leading tool company. But in looking at what they've done to the new version, it does make sense.

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November 2, 2015

Ridgid R4331 13 in. Thickness Planer - Review


While a surface planer isn't an essential tool, having one really starts to open up the doors to some interesting projects. This is especially true if you're an unrepentant wood scavenger like I am. Anything that looks interesting, regardless of its condition, I will take. I have a pile of chestnut that looks like it has sat out in the woods for the last hundred years (probably because it has). It's mushy, rotted and completely filled with nails, but I know (I just know) that there is some good material in there, enough for a bedside table. But anyway, a surface planer is a tool that allows you to clean up rough-sawn lumber and to customize the thickness of your material. Ridgid sent one of their R4331 13-inch planers for me to test out and I've been giving it a good work over. Here's what I think...

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